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Ukrainian advantages of joining the NATO

Ukraine will acquire membership in the most influential international organizations of collective security.

Ukraine will acquire external guaranties of national security.

Ukraine will initiate construction of civil aspects of security.

Ukraine will become a European country by its inner content.

Ukraine will realize its internal political, social and economic reforms.

Ukraine will receive unprecedented guaranties of security and national sovereignty.

Ukraine will receive a real voice in European policy.

Ukraine will become an equal participant in discussing all questions concerning problems of formation systems of global security.

Ukraine will receive an effective help in case of emergencies and technological disasters.

Ukraine will be able to develop friendly and mutual relations with Russia on an equal footing.

Ukraine will increase its investment attractiveness considerably.

Ukrainian economic resources will be of great value and will cost high.

Ukraine will actively start cooperating with European armament producers.

Up-to-date production technologies are to be applied.

In order to guarantee national security, Ukrainian fees to NATO will cost to each Ukrainian one hryvnia annually.

Ukraine will strengthen the defensive capacities of the country.

In the security and defense spheres Ukraine will get more while investing less.

Ukrainian army will gain more active compatibility with other country’s armed forces.

Material was taken from the book:
“Ukraine- NATO: partnership for security”, Dzherdzh S.F., - K.:
Institution “Knowledge” of Ukraine, 2007. – 96 p. – (the Library of Ukrainian connoisseur).
- Bibliography.: p. 84-95.
ISBN 978-966-618-233-6, BКК 66.4(4URК), D40.
©Dzherdzh S.F., 2007.

Матеріали взято з книги:
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