Myths and stereotypes about NATO

Myths and stereotypes
about NATO
Warsaw Pact has collapsed. Why do we need NATO? NATO is not against someone, but for something! NATO continue existing for the maintenance of security for their member- states.
Why not to dissolve NATO? Only member- states can dissolve NATO, and if they don’t want it- obviously, they need the existence of organization that guarantees the security for them. Moreover a number of states are doing their best to become a member in NATO.
Ukraine maintains bilateral connection with the member- states of NATO in the sphere of defense as well, without NATO. Membership in NATO will simplify the system of cooperation and communication with the member- states of NATO, as NATO is a constant acting forum at which the questions of security and counteraction to modern challenges are solved. It is essential for Ukraine to take part in this forum and control the full capacity of information concerning global threats and challenges.
In general, it is enough security for Ukraine, as there is no visible threats to the safety of the state. Military and political elite have to understand that Fatherland is always in danger. We should always increase the security. Our membership in NATO today- is a strengthening or security for Ukraine.
Nothing threats Ukraine nowadays, that is why we shouldn’t be in a hurry with the membership in NATO. Nobody knows what the world will be like in a definite period of time, what threats may appear in the future. No one could think that after World War I that there would be the Second World War. It was almost impossible to foresee that after the Famine in 1920 there will be some more in the 30s and 40s. Creation of nuclear power did not anticipate the possibility of Chernobyl disaster appearence. NATO membership will add Ukraine to the real acting and effective system of collective security.
NATO military operation was put into practice against miloshevskuys Yugoslavia Today’s democratic Serbia is trying to get membership in NATO. 36 % of Serbians are for such membership. An effective NATO pressure on the dictatorship ceased a sanguinary civil war on Balkan Peninsula.
One should finish conducting all necessary reforms to acquire membership in NATO. It is obligatory to execute the necessary minimum of standards before the formal enrolment, but a great amount of new NATO countries- participants finished the realization of restructuring after they had acquired their membership. It is well worth to mention that in Ukraine restructuring of a security sector has already been realized enough.
It is necessary to take the contract system in the army. Each member – state of NATO determines the system of military service in the ranks of Military Forces itself, the same as the number and staff of their army.
Membership in NATO costs too much.
Those countries that have already gained membership in NATO in general are cutting down their expenses as the collective defense costs cheaper.
Membership fees for NATO member- states are considerable and excessive for Ukrainian budget. Membership fees payment for NATO is analogous to fees as for other international organizations, for instance UNO and others. The cost of membership fee for every citizen of Ukraine will be no more than one hryvnia per year as to the assumptions of experts. However the state will receive the most effective modern system of security, that financially and technically we are not able to establish.
To get NATO standards we have to change all conventional weapons. NATO standards are largely the question of corporation and organization. That is why all new NATO member- states remained with their own weapons.
In case of joining the NATO Ukrainian military soldiers will be send as a “food for powder” to take part in wars in foreign countries, even if it is not the NATO operation as it was in Iraq. Member- states of NATO have the sovereign right to accept decisions as for the reforms and methods of participation in common NATO operations. Ukraine, while not being a member of NATO, sent it’ s contingent to Iraq, in addition to that the military troops of the majority NATO member- states were not taking part in the military actions in Iraq.
Ukraine will be constrained to send its army for taking part in the peacemaking operations that are already taking place in Kosovo and Afghan under the supervision of NATO. Decision about the participation in military and peacemaking missions is taken only by the government of the Alliance member- states and no requests are raised. For the comparison, the losses of Ukraine for the last 14 years in peacemaking operations were 44 persons, common NATO losses in Kosovo and Afghan- 181 soldiers, the USSA losses in Afghan- 14000 persons.
NATO- is the world police officer. NATO is the most effective organization of collective security in the world’s history, the aim of which is formation of security for member- states against threats and creation of conditions for their economic growth and prosperity accordingly.
For Ukraine becoming a member of NATO will mean the decline of military-industrial complex Joining the NATO will give a second wind to Ukrainian military-industrial complex. The main threats of which are officials. For the development of Ukrainian military-industrial complex we need reformation, up- to- date management, optimization of administration, access to new product markets, cooperation with many countries, the use of NATO member- states experience and technologies. This is possible and necessary to do exactly nowadays.
Ukraine’s joining the NATO will lead to breaking off diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Russia in military- industrial complex. Since 1991 Russia took a course on creation all closed cycle productions of arm on its territory, including those types of armaments, considerable part of which was traditionally produced in Ukraine. As soon as Russia finishes installation of closed cycles, Russian enterprises will refuse from services of Ukrainian military complex. It will take place regardless whether Ukraine will join the NATO or not. Russia is actively using technologies and experience of NATO member- states. Russian military- industrial complex is actively cooperating with NATO member- states in the field of arm production and production of second designation and competitively leaves Ukraine behind.
NATO membership means transition to new standards of arming. Only 15% of weapons are liable to compulsory standardization, prevailing they are means of connection between military and combat elements.
Ukraine joining the NATO will mean establishment of visa regime with Russia. NATO as an organization of collective defense is not engaged in questions of visa regime and accordingly doesn’t influence on complication or simplification of visa regime between NATO member- states as well as with neighboring countries that are not NATO member- states.
Only powerful states are entirely dominating in NATO. NATO is one of few international organizations where all decisions are taken with the help of consensus. That is why in case of discordance of any state in any questions, the formulation of decision in this question will be changing till it will suit all member- countries.
Ukraine cannot stand up for its position and interests in NATO. Pronouncement of all decisions is taking place on principles of consensus. Each member- state of NATO has a right on veto. It gives a possibility for Ukraine to block any unsuitable for her decision of Alliance.
Ukrainian constitution and law are proclaiming status of outside blocking in Ukraine. Constitution of Ukraine doesn’t object the participation of our country in NATO. However the Constitution of Ukraine prohibits the residence of foreign military camps on its territory.
The presence of Black See fleet in Sevastopol makes Ukraine’s membership in NATO impossible. The presence of Russian Black See fleet in Sevastopol is not stopping Ukraine from becoming a member of NATO. Besides, the ships of Russian Black See fleet, that are based in Ukraine, are patrolling in the Mediterranean Sea under the NATO banner.
The best thing for Ukraine is neutrality. Neutrality is legally and practically impossible for Ukraine nowadays. Moreover our state is unable to increase the expenses on defense, to guarantee the national security for our country properly and to maintain defense for all. A system of collective defense allows shortening the expenses on arming, because in case of attack on any of NATO member- states all members of NATO guarantee military support for her.
NATO standards are very complex and too heavy for Ukrainian power. The main directions of NATO standards are the knowledge of English, means connection compatibility and one system of taking and execution decisions by the army, I mean an active compatibility. Finally all new NATO member- states succeeded in it.
Nowadays government is unable to provide serviceman with an appropriate level of payment, to solve provision of housing questions, to be up to the requirements of NATO member- states. Not only armed forces entering the NATO, but the whole state, that is why if there is a presence of power consensus and a great wish to solve problems in military organization of the representatives, the situation itself will gain necessary level to achieve NATO member- states accordance.
Referendum is required for entering the NATO. From 10 new NATO member- states referendum was held only in 2 of them- this is the intergovernmental agreement on security that is why signing of the contact does not demand realization of referendum, it demands only the authority resolution, as it’s held by joining to other international organizations.
It is difficult for politicians to determine concerning NATO membership and it’s essential to ask nations point of view. Having a wish to escape the responsibility for country’s fortune, authority is replacing the weight of extremely complicated security problems on the shoulders of society. It is not so simply for citizens to make a choice as for the question of optimal safety system which contains such a big extend of complicated implications. Those politicians, who don’t know what role does the cooperation and membership with NATO plays for the government’s security, do not correspond to the level of state post which they are occupying or don’t pay enough attention to the questions of state’s national security.
Enlargement of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is referred against Russia, Iran, Japan and China. . Enlargement of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has a purpose of extension of safe territories as well as number of states that are forming contemporary architecture of European security where Russia plays a considerable part together with NATO.
Cooperating with NATO Ukraine is moving away from Russia While opening doors to NATO Ukraine is coming across Russia again as Russia has been cooperating with NATO for a long period of time and far more active than Ukraine. Quantitative as well as qualitative indexes of such cooperation bespeak about it.
Ukraine- NATO membership will deteriorate Ukraine’s relationship with a part of politicians in Kremlin In reality Russian elite is completely possessing the information regarding NATO and is interested in cooperation with the Alliance with a view of strengthening the security and economic growth of Russian Federation. Though there is always a temptation to influence and manipulate with weaker countries in particular Ukraine. When Ukraine will be speaking with Brussels by means of Russia in this case it will strengthen Kremlin and will add a geopolitical amount to it. That is why a part of Kremlins politicians have such a garish disquietude concerning NATO – Ukraine relations. Nevertheless Ukraine – NATO cooperation and membership gives Ukraine an original impulse to the development of political system, creation of true market economy, development of democracy and protection of human rights, social safety net, attaining European political culture and life standards. All this will positively influence on citizens of Russian Federation, for whom European values and standards will be accessible.
Ukraine’s entering the NATO means the appearance of NATO soldiers and tanks by the side of Russian boundary. NATO doesn’t have its own army. There are NATO member- states armies. While joining the NATO Ukrainian army and armament will appear to be the NATO’ s army and armament and it means that factually nothing will change in the country and on its frontiers.
Russia is NATO’s enemy. The scale of Russian – NATO army political collaboration exceeds Ukraine – NATO programs much. Russian – NATO legation is ten times bigger than Ukrainian one. Russia – NATO council is considered as a confident prototype of a new safety structure in the Eurasian region by politicians. Russia is constantly holding mutual military trainings with NATO and sheep of Black See coast fleet in the Mediterranean see are sailing under the banner of North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
NATO is going to demand the decline of Ukrainian army contingent. Independently from joining the NATO, according to the state program of Armed Forces Development, the personal army contingent will be cut down to 143 thousand of people till 2011 in any case.

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